Underdog Strength

senior thesis project

Date: Fall 2016 - Spring 2017
Tools: Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator

Project overview

Underdog Strength is a fitness facility that teaches weightlifting to at risk teens and adults in Philadelphia in order to break the cycle of violence and delinquency that teens in the 22nd Police District often face, as well as adults throughout Philadelphia as a whole.

The phrase “at risk” is frequently associated with youth and has a strong intuitive meaning. However, it cannot be defined easily, as the phrase does not have a consistent definition and can often stigmatize certain groups. There are a variety of factors than can affect an individual who is at risk, as well as a set of risk factors and protective factors that can help or hinder adolescents as they mature. When considering a school/community as a domain, some risk factors include high crime neighborhoods, poor academic performance, and enrollment in schools that are unsafe and fail to address the academic and social needs of adolescents. In particular, the teens residing in the 22nd Police District are experiencing these risk factors directly.


Philadelphia site map


garage door entrance on broad st

full building axon diagram. underdog strength occupies floors 1-3, while floors 4-8 are reserved for office space.


first floor


gym entrance



second floor


second floor mezzanine

turf and running track


third floor


teen weightlifting area

third floor running track mezzanine looking into teen lounge


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